DesktopMirror for Outlook Palm Desktop 3.6.2

DesktopMirror for Outlook Palm Desktop 3.6.2: Synchronizes information between Palm Desktop and Outlook DesktopMirror for Outlook and Palm Desktop lets you synchronize information between Palm desktop and Microsoft Outlook. As a Palm or Treo phone owner, you may need to access your contact / calendar / tasks / memos information on both your handheld and your PC. On the PC side, maybe you are using Palm Desktop or Microsoft Outlook or both of them. If you need to use both Palm Desktop and Outlook, or you need to convert information between these two

WallPaperPlus 4.2: This desktop wallpaper changer keeps your desktop in a steady state of motion.
WallPaperPlus 4.2

Is your PC suffering from `Dull Desktop? Then pump new life into your PC with WallPaper Plus desktop wallpaper changer!Make your Desktop Active... Simple to use. Easy to handle. This desktop wallpaper changer keeps your desktop in a steady state of motion. Its undemanding features let you change your wallpaper when you want, with the image you want. WallPaper Plus takes the hassle out of administering your desktop wallpaper. Create directories

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GreetSoft Desktop Notepad 2.0.1167: Desktop Notepad is a program with which you can write directly on a desktop.
GreetSoft Desktop Notepad 2.0.1167

Desktop Notepad is a program with which you can write directly on a desktop. Now you can add any text to your desktop wallpaper. You can place here any notes or instructions, jokes or messages. It is not a standard notepad. This is absolutely new text editor for work and home needs. Only in Desktop Notepad your text can flash on desktop, it can be transparent, and can be colored in any color. Try to use Desktop Notepad and you will see - it is the

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ShadowClock 5.0: Analog clock for desktop, clock with transparent arrows and clock face.
ShadowClock 5.0

desktop will save a little your time. This desktop clock are easy for adjusting so that they could be easily noticed on any background, but would not irritate you also did not close the important elements of the interface. Save your time, use ShadowClock on your desktop. It is not necessary to go down in the tray to find out time. This desktop clock are always accessible, on your desktop before eyes. You can place them in any place of the screen,

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Desktop Icons Arranger 1.0

Desktop Icons Arranger can cheer up your desktop making it pleasant and unique by arranging your icons in 56 different shapes and styles. More, you can save and restore multiple desktop icons layout therefore you won`t lose the old position of your desktop icons after changing resolution or after playing with this toy. Impress your co-workers and your friends or make your kids happy by showing them how your desktop icons turn into a fish, a car,

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Desktop Wallpaper Timer 1.6.12: Change your desktop wallpaper automatically at a time you specfied.
Desktop Wallpaper Timer 1.6.12

Desktop Wallpaper Timer allows you to enhance your desktop by changing your wallpaper automatically. You can set up a timer and an image playlistand Desktop Wallpaper Timer will change your desktop wallpaper according to your settings. Desktop Wallpaper Timer is easy to use and is completely invisible while working. Some useful options can be found such as the "safe mode" which will change immediatly your wallpaper with a neutral image.

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Desktop Calendar 1.0: Free desktop calendar adds a calendar and to-do-list to your computer`s desktop.
Desktop Calendar 1.0

Desktop Calendar is a desktop enhancement program which can add a calendar and to-do-list to your computer`s desktop. Everyday when you powered on your computer, you will see a calendar on your desktop with your full control. You may change the desktop`s color, calendar`s color, calendar`s position. And you may schedule your to-do-list. This freeware features active calendar,intuitive to-do-list and customizable background and text colors.

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